Sunday, 27 September 2015

Male Models Nude-ish

Models bare all and just a little for Indian photographers. if you have it flaunt it baby!

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Hot Indian Male Model

haven't seen any new pics of this cute guy from Punjab, hottie Avtaar Bajwa. cute, amazing body. tall. perfect model material but he's not seemed to have made waves in the biz as we thought he might...

anyone have any updates? new pics of him?

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White Speedos on the Beach

hot male model Dheeraj Amonkar at the beach. what an amazing body. hot shots of sexy Indian guys only at

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Varun Dhawan's sexy selfies are everyyyything. Often topless, always looking cute, always showing off those wowsa abs. hot. hot. hotttt! plus those most lean and mean shots of him shirtless from ABCD2. the movie was just ok, the dances were fun and the random shots of him topless - hell to the yeah. rumours are they might make a part 3 - hopefully he's in it again. although, we would like to see the other sexy dancing hunk Hrithik Roshan in it too... oooo maybe a shirtless dance off between them. its bollywood. anything can happen!

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda topless. hot. cute. hot chocolate-y. love it. we have a lot of admiration for someone who heads to Bollywood and makes it on his own steam. lets face it the Hindi film industry rarely lets anyone in from the outside, everyone's related to someone. glad this talented hunk is still around. fit. hot. cute. and can actually act. wowsa. Hot Indian guys shirtless only at

Tiger Shroff for HRX

And the ab-king of the year goes to Tiger Shroff! holy fkballs. those shredded abs are... a feat. despite the weird shizz people say about him online (yo haters stop hatin'!), Tiger is a sweetheart. Apart from being the most humble newcomer and the shiest one by a mile, born to Bollywood, this babe is not an arrogant prick like soooo many. This hot bod deserves a lot more drool than any of his newcomer contemporaries.

And as someone who has openly professed his admiration for sexy-Greek-God Hrithik Roshan, how lovely of Hrithik to pass the hot bod baton on to newbie Tiger. Tiger is this year's model for Hrithik's brand HRX. And whoaa. He's killing it.

 These hot images shot by Munna Singh.

Underwear at the Beach

vivek s raghuvanshi
wow - we found the Indian equivalent of American hottie Joe Manganiello!! Although the sexy star from Magic Mike and True Blood is not shy of droppin' trou and revealing a lot more than Indian hunk  Vivek Rahuvanshi. But the underwear and boxer-brief shots are hot. face is good and strong. bit of desi-hair but still cute. very cute. 

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