Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dino Morea

Dino Morea. we just have the biggest crush on this sexy - now older and wiser man. he was such a hottie when he broke into the Indian modeling scene, strutting in sexy navy speedos for gladrags and thrusting his pelvis on stage. and now, he's aging well. he had a rockin' body back then. it ain't half bad now either. he's jut hawt. only at

Honey Singh

wowsa. hottie Honey Singh in his underwear. what a hot and cute guy. the black brief shots are whoaa. hot. Paul David Martin-Photography. hot. seriously hot. we've said this before. something about North Indian guys... fit as hell. tall. only at

Anil Choudhary

hottie Anil Choudhary. cute guy. great body. rocking those briefs. there are soooo many hotties roaming in India. time to visit asap. yummy shirtless, pantless, sexy guys only at

Ashmit Patel

whoaa. sexy Ashmit Patel. even with that hideous beard. the abs are wow. he's such a hot guy. wish he'd do more sexy shots. hot hot. pics by Gaurav Shukla photography.  love sexy shirtless shots.

hotties only at

Monday, 15 December 2014

Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover shirtless often in this hot song. great song too btw. and damn that body! hotties only at

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Who is this hunk?

Do we know who this cute, hot underwear male model is? omg he's so cute and fit in those tight black briefs. hotties only at

Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan shirtless. ab-tastic.

now here are some 'modeling' shots of SRK. er. ok. he's cute.  but as a model... ok. why not. for  a near-50. he's hot shizz. he's hot shizz period.

only at